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Early Learning

Early Learning and Development

This Is Me : Article 31 and a Child's Right to Play

 Enjoy IPA’s video on Article 31 and the Child’s Right to Play. The video has been translated into 15 languages, check out for more information.


Early Learning Framework Principles

The Early Learning Framework is based on research and perspectives from diverse fields of knowledge. It recognizes the distinct values held by families, communities, and cultures. The framework's six principles provide a shared understanding of how young children experience and interact with the world around them.

Principle 1

The early years set the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, health and well-being.

Principle 2

Partnerships with families and communities help early childhood settings to best meet the needs of young children.

Principle 3

Respect for diversity, equity and inclusion is vital for optimal development and learning.

Principle 4

A planned program supports early learning.

Principle 5

Play is a means to learning that capitalizes on children's natural curiosity and exuberance.

Principle 6

Knowledgeable and responsive early childhood educators and other early learning practitioners are essential to early childhood settings.

Ministry of Education 

The ELECT Document: Early Learning for Every Child Today

A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings describes how young children learn and develop.


The Early Learning Framework

The Early Learning Framework is a guide to support early childhood programs in Ontario. With six distinct principles, the Early Learning Framework provides a shared language and understanding of child development.


Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from Research about Young Children

The Ontario Early Years Policy Framework describes how the experiences children have in the early years can have an extraordinary and long-lasting impact on children's learning, development, health and well-being. Central to this is a view of children as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential. To support educators working in early years settings in their continuous professional learning, the Ministry worked with leading experts in the early childhood field to develop the following thought-provoking resources.



The physical space in early childhood settings plays a significant role in learning and development.