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Early Literacy

Roots of Literacy



Just like a tree must have the foundation of its roots to grow, a child requires a foundation in order to read and write. From the day children are born they are building this foundation, called early literacy through:

  • Rhymes- hearing smaller sounds in words help children sound out written words
  • Books- children who enjoy books will want to learn to read
  • Pretend play- learning to tell stories helps with thinking and understanding
  • Conversation- hearing a variety of words helps children understand what they read
  • Positive experiences- feeling loved and connected helps children to learn


Literacy Support for Families

As your child's first teacher, you help lay that foundation for your child from birth.

Our programs provide information about early literacy which will support you in offering enriching experiences to your child/children.

Our programs offer:

  • professional, trained staff
  • play and inquiry-based learning which research has shown can improve developmental health and wellbeing
  • monthly newsletters with early childhood development information including early literacy
  • circle time with rhymes and songs
  • book loans and literacy rich environments


Information for Families:

Welcome Bags for Newborns - Newborns who visit our programs receive a welcome bag with valuable information including "Babies Love Books", a month-to-month guide on reading with your baby, by the "Read to Me Program". In addition in every welcome bag your family will recieve a Library Voucher.



Literacy Tip of the Month: Grow Literacy This Summer


For more information about literacy visit:


Literacy Support for Community

Brass Bell offers StoryWalk® loans to community partners.

Information for professionals about StoryWalks® 


French Information for professionals about StoryWalks® 


StoryWalk® books available for loan by site:

Manitouwadge EarlyON



  • I am Canada by Heather patterson
  • Le Canada, c'est moi par Heather Patterson
  • Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor
  • Two Pairs of Shoes by Esther Sanderson
  • Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney
  • Le Rouge c'est Bien Mieux par Kathy Stinson

Nipigon EarlyON


  • Who Ever You Are by Mem Fox
  • Jamaica Tag-a-long by Juanite Havill
  • Oonga Boonga by Robert Munsch

Dorion EarlyON


  • I am Canada by Heather Patterson
  • Franklin's Blanket by Paulette Bourgeois
  • Jamaica and Brianna by Juanita Havill
  • Dear Juno by Soyung Pak

Red Rock EarlyON


  • A Screaming Kind of Day by Rachna Gilmore
  • Hush by Mingfong Ho
  • Sasha and the Wiggly Tooth by Rhea Tregebox
  • Babies on the Move by Susanne Canizares and Daniel Moreton

Listing of Public Libraries

Library: Contact information:
Manitouwadge Public Library


ph#: 826.3913

address: 2 Manitou Road

Marathon Public Library


ph#: 229.0740

address: 22 Peninsula Road

Terrace Bay Public Library

ph#: 825.3315 ext. 222

address: 13 Selkirk

Schreiber Public Library


ph#: 824.2477

address: 314 Scotia Street

Dorion Public Library

ph#: 857.2289 ext. 1

address: 170 Dorion Loop Road

Nipigon Public Library


ph#: 887.3142

address: 52 Front Street

Red Rock Public Library


ph#: 886.2558

address: 42 Salls Street