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Guiding Principles


Brass Bell Family Resource Centre/EarlyON is governed by, and provides services & programs based on being inclusive, welcoming, confidential, reliable, and honest.

It is our role to support families and their children by offering quality programs, resources, workshops, referrals, services, information, and community linkages.


We believe that all children:

  • are competent
  • are curious
  • are individuals with rights
  • are creative and appreciate beauty
  • deserve opportunities to reach their full potential
  • deserve to be loved and respected

We believe that parents/caregivers:

  • want the best for their child
  • know their child best
  • are their child's first teacher
  • need to be supported in their role
  • deserve to be respected and heard


Vision and Mission

Our vision statement reads:

Brass Bell Family Resource Centre is an organization that is known for its leadership and innovative approaches to the changing needs of the communities served. It is a strong partner to a wide range of community organizations and is nationally recognized for its excellence.

Our mission statement reads:

Brass Bell Family Resource Centre/EarlyON is a grassroots, non-profit, charitable organization that provides quality family-centred programs & services (in the District of Thunder Bay) in order to support families, and to provide children with opportunities to achieve their potential.