The Importance of Play


Play is a means to early learning that capitalizes on children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm.

It is a child's right and a critical element to child well-being.

EarlyON is a place to:

  • engage in play-based activities.
  • encourage social, emotional and cognitive well-being for your child. 

Unstructured, Child-led Play:

  • A philosphy that encourages children to explore their interests and ideas without an imposed outcome.
  • Our indoor and outdoor play spaces have a variety of elements such as "loose parts".
  • Our staff have training in unstructured play and incorporate their knowledge in engaging  families.

Winter Outdoor Play:


Do you remember building a snow fort or climbing a snow mountain when you were a child?  These experiences help children learn & develop risk-management skills.

During the winter months it's common for children to have less outdoor time. Playing outside in every season offers unique learning opportunties and benefits:

  • Physical well-being- outdoor play encourages your whole body to move 
  • Emotional benefits- self-confidence, ability to assess risk
  • Social benefits- when children play together they learn how to cooperate, negotiate and problem solve.

Outside Play

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