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Food Security

Good Food Box

Food bank list

Local Connections:


Public Libraries

The Importance of Play:

It's all here

Early Literacy:

It's all here

Your Health Matters:

Thunder Bay District Health Unit (postpartum, breastfeeding, nutrition and more)

Family Health Teams

North of Superior Counselling Programs


Infant mental health

Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry

Dental clinics 

Healthy Kids Community Challenge, Superior North Greenstone

Social Determinants of Health


More on sleep...because it's so important

Alcohol-free pregnancy

Risks of Cannabis on fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting

The access network: single point of access to children's services and supports

Feeding Your Baby in the First Year:




Starting Solids

Caring for Kids- feeding your baby in the first year

Baby led weaning

Screen Time:

Screen time and children's health

Canadian 24-hour Movement Guidelines

Balance Screen Time with Play Time

Power Off and Play

Books we Like:

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