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Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) are funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada and offered in conjunction with our Best Start programming

 Community Action Program for Children

CAPC programs support the overall healthy development of children while supporting parents.

 Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

CPNP has helped communities through programming to improve the health and well being of pregnant women and new mothers including promoting healthy birth outcomes, breastfeeding support, and healthy life styles.  

Prenatal Programmers provide support, programs, workshops, resources, and equipment to women prenatally & families with infants, and can be contacted at the following locations:


Nipigon-Red Rock-Dorion
Best Start Nipigon
Phone:  807.887.0264
Email:  shawbiz%23ca|kmangoff

Schreiber and Terrace Bay
Best Start Terrace Bay 
Phone:  807.825.714
Email:  shaw%23ca|mlfampl

Located in the Marathon High School
Email:  gmail%23com|jennifercresscpnp

Best Start Manitouwadge
Phone:  807.826.2883
Email:  gmail%23com|beststartsd